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Cladding Spray Painting

Cladding Repair Kempston - Spray Painting & Cladding Refurbishment

Our company provides specialist on-site & in-house cladding repair, cladding spray painting and cladding refurbishment services in Kempston.

We can fill in and repair anything from large holes and dents to cut edge corrosion and rust damage, bringing cladding panels back to the there original unblemished state.

As one of the UK's largest spray paint manufacturers, we can also offer an incredible 50 thousand paint colours. Because we manufacture the paint ourselves, we can cost costs for our clients dramatically.

If you are looking for cladding panel repairs, cladding spray painting or even a cladding colour change to fit your brand, don't hesitate to contact us for a free no-obligation price quote and on-site cladding survey in Kempston.