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Flat Roof Repairs Didcot

Domestic & Commercial

Flat Roof Repairs & Coating Didcot - Trading Standards Approved

Exceptional flat roof repair and roof coatings are available to residents in Didcot, and what's more, our flat roof repair services come with an unbeatable 20 years Guarantee.

Our unique advanced roof coating formula uses glass fibre mat reinforcement, flexible edge trims and the latest liquid polyester resins to create a fully integrated 100% waterproof seamless finish with 20 years Guarantee.

New flexible GRP Provides an exceptional combination of durability and versatility. In addition, this product is swift to lay, and there is no need to strip or re-deck a roof; this fast-curing system saves time and money.

Flexible GRP is a 4 part system solution that can be applied to many structures and surface types, including vertical sections. We can apply two coats within an hour, and then Flexible GRP will form a highly pliable, extra tough and seamless waterproof membrane.


  1. It can be easily added to vertical sections without any sagging.
  2. Fast curing system that you are able to walk on within 60 minutes.
  3. Highly flexible, extra-tough and seamless waterproof membrane.
  4. 4 part system
  5. Rapidly breaks down with CSM reinforcement for quick and neat detailing.
  6. Crack-resistant with no risk of vulnerable points.
  7. We use a liquid catalyst for safer and easier use.
  8. We can apply this product directly to single-ply, asphalt, felt, GRP, concrete, metal or timber.
  9. It will be able to accommodate heavy foot traffic.
  10. It will save time and money if you overlay a roof rather than strip it back and replace it.

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