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uPVC Spray Painting

uPVC Spray Painting Towcester - Window/Door Frames

Have your Towcester uPVC doors, windows, soffit/fascia faded over time and require painting/refurbishment? Would you like a change of colour, or do you need your scratches or dents repaired? Whatever the case, we are a perfect uPVC refurbishment solution for your needs and offer a cost-effective way to do it, especially in comparison to replacement.

We are expert uPVC spray painters, and with thousands of colours to choose from, you can find your perfect match. All work is to the highest standard, and we do our utmost best to meet our client's expectations.

uPVC Door Repair & Refurbishment


We can repair and refurbish the following uPVC as a cheaper alternative to replacement.

  • uPVC Doors & Door frames.
  • Windows - single or double glazing frames.
  • Conservatories uPVC.
  • Patio & French doors.
  • Soffits & Facias.
  • uPVC Roofline.
  • Barge boards, Guttering & downpipes.
  • Garage Doors.

uPVC Coatings can save you 70% of the costs compared to replacing your windows and doors in another colour.

  1. The average cost of replacing a window is around £300 to £500 while the average price of spraying uPVC windows is £130 to £150
  2. The average cost to replace all house windows is between £4300 to £7000 while the average price to have all your uPVC windows spray painted is £900 to £1800 with over 50,000 colours to choose from.

The prices above can vary slightly depending on six factors.

  1. The location of the property.
  2. The size of the windows & Doors.
  3. If internal & external.
  4. The material to be coated Upvc/wood/metal etc.
  5. If Scaffolding/Tower/Cherry picker is required for upper floors.
  6. The number of windows required to be spray painted.

Other painting work we offer that you maybe interested in includes Gutters / fascias / Soffits / tiles / cladding / conservatory / porch / wardrobes / units / kitchens.

We can carry out all spray painting work on-site at your property, or you can bring any material you would like spray painted to our paint booth, which is based in Bletchley, Towcester.

It is worth noting we are also the largest paint makers of custom paint Aerosols in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change uPVC color?

Yes, we can change the colour of your uPVC window, door or any uPVC colour to one of over 50,000 alternative colours of your choice.

How do you rejuvenate uPVC frames?

Our skilled paint spraying contractors use the following steps to rejuvenate your uPVC.

  1. Thoroughly clean and prime the uPVC.
  2. Properly mask the surrounding area, including the window panes, and surrounding brickwork.
  3. Repair any uPVC regardless of the damage; this includes removing and filling in scratches, scuffs, dents and chips.
  4. Prime the uPVC with appropriate uPVC primers.
  5. Spray paint the uPVC using the requested new paint colour

How Much Does it Cost to refurbish uPVC?

This will vary depending on what you require and the size of your building, but to provide an example, a typical three-bedroom house comprising of 7 Windows, French doors, and front door external uPVC refurbishment would cost around £1300 if the property has a conservatory this maybe more as we would be required to hire scaffolding to reach any windows above the conservatory. Free price quotes are always available on request for whatever your needs.

How Can I Pay?

We accept all payment methods including cash, bank transfer, cheque and debit/credit card payments.

Do you provide any guarantee

Yes, we provide a five-year guarantee on all uPVC refurbishments.

Do you refurbish interior uPVC windows & doors

Yes, we can provide internal and external uPVC refurbishments on windows and doors when requested.

If you have a question about our uPVC refurbishment services that haven't been answered on this page, please, by all means, contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Customer Review

We were delighted with our house's front and back once the uPVC had been refurbished highly recommended company.
 Mr Simpson - 1st Sep 2019

UPVC Refurbishment is rated 5 out of 5 based on customer reviews.

If you are looking for a free price quote for any uPVC repair, refurbishment and spray painting in Towcester, please contact us. Or check out some of our over services you may be interested in, such as our Shop Front Refurbishment in Towcester.